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Orani WD, Bataan

The Orani Run

Luck is chance. It's what keeps our fingers crossed as we line up our hopes for a changed life in a lotto betting station. Destiny, on the other hand, is something that awaits us at the other end of the line, the cumulative outcome of what we do. On September 19, 2012, Orani Water District came face to face with its destiny. READ

Alitagtag WD, Batangas

No Better Place Like home for Charity

The subject of this story is a simple, sweet, graciously-aging little lady whose looks hide her strong will and strong sense of purpose and one who would rather use patience, persistence, charm and the wisdom culled from long years of experience to transform a small water district to the best that it can possibly be so that it could contribute in making a comparatively lesser-known Batangas town a better place to live in and be proud of.

Diadi WD, Nueva Vizcaya

Diadi: The Little Town That Could

Here is a little, unassuming community that is not averse to change and experimentation. Fact is, its people not only welcome but seem to crave for such, challenged and motivated as they seem to be by the challenge and the expectations.
They demonstrated this when Diadi after almost a decade of trying and striving, finally attained the distinction as the first and only municipality in the whole water-rich province of Nueva Vizcaya to adopt and embrace the water district concept and practice its principles in the development, management, operation and maintenance of its local water supply system. READ

Infanta WD, Quezon

Silver Linings After the Storms

In November 2004, the municipality of Infanta was savagely devastated by Typhoon "Winnie". The water district was not spared. The IQWD declared a total loss of P7.2M worth of assets and which became the subject of an application for write-off with COA. The employees, thru sheer determination, worked hard without salaries for three months to revive and rehabilitate the water district. They survived on the grace of donations from friends and fellow workers from other water districts. The WD was able to rehabilitate Pumping Station No. 3 and with both Pumping Station Nos. 3 and 4 working, the IQWD was able to restore water service to a greater portion of the Poblacion and its environs.

Mabalacat WD, Pasmpanga

Mabalacat Inaugurates "Project of the Century"

Water supply will not be a problem for the residents, industries and transients of Mabalacat, Pampanga in the next twenty-five years at least.
This was the assurance made recently by Mabalacat Water District (MWD) Board Chairman Diosdado Pangilinan and General Manager Francis Dimaliwat after the water district formally inaugurated its "project of the century" -- the newly-completed P150-million central pumping facility and ground reservoir at Bgy. Camachiles of said booming Pampanga town. READ

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