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Any LWUAn feels unabashed pride with what our Agency has contributed to building this nation.

We feel emotionally and professionally-fulfilled to see a provincial community transform from one crawling with individuals fetching water from scattered sources into one filled with Filipinos focused on more economically-fulfilling activities.

Yesterday's aguadors would probably be today's tricycle drivers or owners of simple market stalls in our provincial communities. The children we saw 37 years ago walking the streets with pails of water as part of their family chores might as well be the residents manning the offices and production centers of the countryside.

Because our efforts and determination helped them take the chance to transform.

Thirty-seven years ago, we were given an opportunity to put our youthful idealism into action. We were armed with the best tools of our trade: the technical, financial and institutional development knowledge we have cultivated to make corporate LWUA unique in the water supply industry.

But above those tools was a factor more distinctively LWUAn: our sense of oneness, our belief that LWUA was our family.

It was this inimitable concept which undoubtedly helped make those tools work to the benefit of fellow Filipinos in the countryside.

Such sense of oneness has been challenged and tested many times in the past, but the LWUAns' belief that we are a family always prevailed.

In our belief, this sense of oneness has always won its way through because it remains founded on the very idealism that gave birth to it: that our work at LWUA genuinely makes a difference in transforming the Philippine countryside into a place for productive Filipinos. (AOM)

(Editorial originally written on September 14, 2010 for LWUA's 37th anniversary)


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